It started about a month ago, one of my customers networked me with someone named Paul Kemp. Mr. Kemp and I have exchanged a few words, he is a nice guy who is eager to help. I have been following the organization he represents, who is backed up by lawyers, and many other aides. When we decided that we would like to donate to the Botanical Legal Defense, it was because it seemed like the closest thing to a credible organization that would help keep certain products legal. I spent a few nights doing research on them, and I’ve spent every single day and night, watching the work this organization does. I must admit that I am amazed by the organizations ability to get real work done, real work. Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words. I see the amazing potential this organization has. They have abilities and networks and I believe in them, and that is why we will be donating to them in the future. I’ve seen them work, and the money will be going to the right place.