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PDO Botanicals believes that the Pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyist’s, are the enemy to some botanical specimens. We believe that certain multi-billion dollar corporations would like to hamper the ability for Americans to purchase certain botanicals. There is a lot of evidence that points to this as well, so much so that we consider it a fact. For instance, the former Vice President of Monsanto is now helping run the FDA. In order to combat these entities from using their billions of dollars to lobby against these things, and bend the will of certain people, we have our own lobbyist’s. At the end of the year, when we file our taxes, we will be donating a percentage of all of the profit made from this website, to “Botanical Legal Defense” and “The American Kratom Association”, we also make donations from time to time, as your orders come in, because frankly, I believe they can’t wait for the money at the end of the year. That means, that by doing business with us, you are donating a portion to the American Kratom Association and Botanical Legal Defense. You can see a video of the Botanical Legal Defense in action. We are also keeping tabs on and following the American Kratom Association online, offering them support by intermittently sending out information to our customers in their orders, sharing ideas, and getting the word out about the American Kratom Association. I personally follow them almost every single day. By doing business with Pharmacy Dropout LLC, you are contributing to some degree, the success of these organizations which fight to keep natural things legal in the United States.