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H.G Solomon
Owner and Founder
PDO Botanicals LLC
901 Wheeler Ave.
Hoquiam, WA. 98550
[email protected]

Residence, Physical Mail for Checks:
Hyperion Solomon (Do Not Use Company Name – Use Legal Name)
157 Kole St. Upper
Hilo, HI 96720
1-541-250-1653 (Call or Text)
[email protected]

Upon Request Only

Tired of e-mails?

Jeffrey Solomon here, Who wants to wait for e-mail resolutions regarding their purchase? If there is an issue with a purchase, get it taken care of right away, feel free to give me a call or send a short and very limited text. You can still send me e-mail too if you like. I write lengthy e-mails with pleasure daily. You must read the page called “LEGAL DISCLAIMER” before calling or writing me, or placing an order.
Talk or text / 541-250-1653 from 9am to 5pm – Pacific