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-About Myself

Greetings, my name is Hyperion Grey Solomon, many people call me Jeff or Solomon. I grew up reading about plants on a daily basis, for years. I started in sixth grade. Within one year, I had read every book in my towns library about them, within the next year, I had read the entire library’s books in the adjacent city. Soon, I had read all the books about plants that I could get my hands on, and I grew several gardens. I became the little know-it-all in town, and was nicknamed “The Plant Man.”

I am now 37, I went to college to get a degree in natural medicine, a PhD in Pharmacutiecal Sciense with an emphais in Pharmacognosy.  I’ve decided to change my educational path and pursue a degree in Botany instead.  I currenlty hold two other degrees, a degree in psychology and a degree in General Studies. I wanted to work for a pharmaceutical company, in the wilderness, like the Amazon, where I could find new compounds for medicine, within plants. I ended up changing majors, but my passion and knowledge is still present.  I am now, once again, a Botany student.

I was inducted into two honor societies, one for English Scholars in the United States (Sigma Kappa Delta) and the other is the largest and most prestigious INTERNATIONAL honors society for two year Colleges, Phi Theta Kappa. I am a current member of both societies. My 6 year GPA is 3.75. My grades were rated as the top two percent in the nation at induction of Phi Theta Kappa.

After finishing up school, I decided to take a year off and apply for scholarships and a much needed break as six years is a long time.

I had a lot of spare time on my hands and I ended up selling a few herbal items on Craigslist and saw that it made money, so I decided to go online. I have spent thousands of hours doing research and learning. I’ve also spent as much time getting to know the community online that likes to take alternative forms of therapy.

We now own one of the most respected Kratom companies in the United States of America.  We initially sourced many different herbal products, may of which couldn’t be obtained, even online.  This special nitch gave us a leading edge in an already hyper-saturated Kratom industry.  We were the original importers of Picralima N. otherwise known as Akuamma and Thunder God Vine and other botanicals that are now sweeping the nation.  We do our research first,sometimes in other languages, find credible data, source/perfect cultivation, harvest, exportation/importation, testing and sale of these botanical products.  We are the most respected and honest, up to date, informed source for online and offline sales of Kratom, CBD and other botanical products.

About Us:

Pharmacy Dropout LLC is a small, family owned and operated business.  My wife Tiffany and I handle every order personally.  We created this business to help raise the standard of living for our customers, allowing us to change lives across the United States.  We pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest research, safety, regulations and legislature.

We only source the finest products available on the planet.  Our family overseas is able to obtain the best botanicals through personal one on one relations with the farmers.   We have every batch of every product tested.

The safety of our customers is paramount.  We care for our customers the way we care for our own; with uncompromising standards.  We take the time to know our customers, understand their needs and provide the care we would give to our own family.

Other Information:


Contact The Owner Directly:

H. Grey Solomon, call or text 541-250-1653 (M through F till 5 PM PST)

For non-urgent issues, consider e-mailing me:

[email protected] – low urgency

[email protected] – moderate urgency

100% Satisfaction Guarantee, no hassle return policy (Retail Sales Only)

Return Address:
Hyperion Grey Solomon/PDO Botanicals LLC
901 Wheeler Ave.
Hoquiam, WA 98550


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