Where Can I Buy Thunder God Vine in the USA? We have been offering Thunder God Vine in the United States, since our conception. We have had an awful time trying to spread the word that PDO Botanicals offers Thunder God Vine in the US. When we first launched Thunder God Vine around January, there were no other domestic sources, and at this time, there are still no other sources. We are the only U.S. vendor for Thunder God Vine.

Eventually other companies are going to catch on, and they’re going to sell it too, but remember, we were the first in the USA to sell this plant online. It has been difficult to sell it, as Google Shopping asked us not to sell it on their website, and Ebay had a problem with it too, at one point in time. This doesn’t seem to be the case right now, but still, it’s been profoundly difficult for me to get the word out, that there truly is a source for Thunder God Vine in the USA.

There are a lot of questionable sources oversea for Thunder God Vine.

We found a good one, which sells fresh stuff, but it took quite some time. They have tested it for germs, skinned the roots, and they are in good standing with the FDA and are cGMP.

Thunder God Vine can be slightly toxic. Thunder God Vine, unfortunately, hasn’t been FDA approved, because it’s a new product in the USA.