Ultra ENHANCED Green Horned Leaf Indo


Okay, this is a big deal.  This product is sprinkled with pure Kratom alkaloid extract.  It’s Mitragynine content is 13.5%.  That’s a lot, and this is why:

Average Kratom is 1.5%, good Kratom is 1.8% and stellar is 2%, we once had a batch contain 2.49%, being unbelievably high.  This batch of Kratom surpasses every other batch of Kratom I have ever sold, with a content of 13.5% (collectively).  That is over 5 times as potent as the best Kratom on the market and six or seven times as potent as average product.

We take pride in ourselves through our products, our customer service…and by offering you things you can’t obtain elsewhere.  The leaves of this blend are chosen by hand, a labor of love, which is time consuming.  This product is no exception.

Strong attention to detail has been placed on this last batch of Spiked Green Kratom, making it another small batch.  The only leaves chosen for this batch, are the largest, the oldest and most broad.  They are premium, quality leaves, and are processed separately, to give you the highest quality Super Kratom batch we’ve ever produced (We’re paying double for this batch).  We didn’t stop there though, it’s been enhanced with pure alkaloid extract, but wait, it’s not the typical extract on the US market.  It’s isn’t the resin that is ground up that the other vendors are usually selling, it’s pure, crystalline extract that is sprinkled in.  It’s our special Kratom alkaloid extract.  This makes our new product the ultimate champion, or your money back.

This batch is special, and should be put away for a rainy day, a hard day, when one needs a push that normal Kratom won’t produce.  This strain should be purchased by customers who want something different, something of a novelty.  It is also good for customers who need to function late at night, but still want to be able to rest after they’re done.  It’s middle name is stamina, but without the unsteadiness that normal greens can produce in sensitive people.  This makes it perfect for the newly wed couple, or those late nights at the office.  It’s a powerful, yet mellow blend, profoundly potent, getting a person though the worst of days.  The product should keep a rich aroma after it has been opened, for no less than 9 months and 2 years after being opened.

This product has a 30 day money back guarantee, on 100 grams or less, no-hassle returns on this product.

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