Hazel-cooked Brown Indonesian from Sumatra


This product is not de-stemmed or de-veined and is coffee brown in color.  It is Green and Red Indonesian, from Northern Sumatra.  This product is the remnants of an extraction, which has been boiled down into a thick paste, almost like a goo-like sediment.  It’s air dried and then ground back into powder.  We don’t sell that here, we sell what is left over from the extraction.  This is bulk left over plant material.  Most people use this INSTEAD of Stem and Vein.  While the Bentuangie is akin to boiling an egg (since they’re in plastic bags, cooking in the heat), the brown Indo here, is more more akin to frying an egg.  This is a love it or hate it product, there is no in-between.  This is more of a novelty item or for people trying to lower their quality on purpose, just like with stem and vein products out on the market.

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