Red Horned Leaf – Crushed Leaf


The first thing you might think to yourself, is why the price is more for the crushed leaf.  The crushed leaf is a little more because it cost more to transport it to me, and a lot longer to package it up to send to my customers.   The boxes are more expensive to ship internationally because the air space between the particles of crushed leaf, increases the size of the overall package by at least 100%.  This extra space means the package is larger, even though it’s just air, and therefore cost more to ship.

Crushed Leaf will retain it’s odor a lot longer than finely milled products.  The crushed leaf can last years. I have a pouch from three years ago and it still has a strong scent.

This is the exact same thing as the Plantation Grown Malaysian Red Horn, the only difference is the texture, as this is akin to a chopped leaf, and is not milled.

This is our first-timer recommendation.  This is my favorite and is our top seller, hands down.  This strain is genetically altered and displays it’s signature leaves, which are horned.  Because it is grown on a plantation, it has a constant, year long supply of water, ensuring a high alkaloid content.  It has a super fine mill.  It’s also truly from Malaysia, most vendors simply say it’s from Malaysia, but it’s usually not.  If you would like to know more about how it’s almost impossibly to obtain real Malaysian, please inquire within.

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