Enhanced Workday Blend (UPDATED)




Enhanced Mekong Gold

A message from Tiffany:

Are you exhausted?  Back to school season means longer days, earlier mornings, more responsibility and vigilance. Remembering important dates, socializing with peers and teachers, HOMEWORK, dinner, dishes, laundry, so much!  When I created the Pink Bali Enhanced Fibro Blend, it was created to combat pain, nerve pain specifically and fatigue.  Well, I’ve used the formula for Pink Bali as a blueprint for a new blend.  A blend specifically formulated to combat the fatigue, social anxiety, stress and depression.  Using our coveted Mekong Gold as the main leaf for this blend as well as our Exclusive Enhanced White Horn from Cambodia and a sprinkle of that good stuff, our 50X Full Spectrum Kratom extract.  Whether your hard at work, back to school, or a super mom, try our new exotic, peppy, and fun blend to get through your workday.

50 Grams – $50.00
100 Grams – $100.00

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Weight 6 oz
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50 Grams, 100 Grams