White Mekong Vietnamese


Authentic Vietnamese Kratom is very difficult to obtain.  It took us almost three years to find a suitable, ultra-high quality source.  We finally found a suitable source, as the Mekong river feeds the trees with a constant supply of water, which leads to healthy foliage year around. These plants are more difficult to reach than their Indonesian counterparts (where an estimated 95% of Kratom comes from), this means there are more mature trees to harvest from – better Kratom.  The soil is also rich on the Mekong – fertile, as the mountains up river feed the lower parts of the Mekong.  These lower parts are where our new Kratom comes from.  These things, along with a perfect climate for Kratom, helps to produce a super Kratom.  It has a rich, full spectrum alkaloid content (there are around 20 – 30 alkaloids in Kratom and ALL strains vary).  You see, water and soil content is integral for above average Kratom.

Like the Gold we sell, it’s prized for it’s sexually stimulating, blissful aroma, customers have said they found it to be ultra focused and uplifting, like our gold, but more-so, because it doesn’t undergo the same drying process.

Gold Kratom starts out as White Kratom, but it undergoes a different drying process, which turns the white vein Yellow and tends to temper the white attributes for those who are sensitive to Whites.  Those who are not however, this is a strain you have to try!

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