Horned Leaf Green Thai


One of the rarest strains of Kratom in the world – Green Spiked Leaves are very hard to obtain.  They are over sourced and very hard to find.  I haven’t had a new Green Spiked Leaf in about two years.  The leaves are shiny and Emerald-like. As with our Red a couple weeks ago (also Thai), this was a long time coming, it took us two years to hammer this one out.  We will not settle, it has to be the best.  This strain is a hearty and strong Green, with an aroma that is slightly mellow, yet stimulating.  A middle of the road strain, this strain is perfectly balanced.  It’s a perfect way to comfort your mind, body, and soul.  Chill out, but regain your lucidity, while lifting your mood.  A perfect harmony between a red and white.

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