White Cambodian (Exclusive Strain)




Update: 5/15/2021

Experimental and Pioneering

On July the 18th 2020 we launched our Green Camobdian Maeng Da.  It’s been our largest company success to date, with no negative feedback and that speaks of the quality of our leaf.  If no one has complaints, the product is of top quality.  Now, we bring you our White Cambodian.  This strain is sourced in small quantities ONLY.  There is no bulk freight, which means more attention is put into each leaf when it is picked and dried.  It took us one month to harvest only 100 kgs!  It’s even more elusive than our Green Cambodian, as White strains are the youngest. 

We have been able to obtain Red Cambodian for half a decade, but the Green veined variety and the White has been incredibly elusive in note-worthy quantities.  Obtaining enough for sale would have been impossible, this is because of it’s novel origin and the immaturity of the plant; I’ve been told that the trees that are found are typically older, which makes the rare trees red veined.  Now, take into consideration how rare this strain is and you will see what a gem it truly is.  The plants mature from White, to Green and then Red.  What makes our Cambodian so wonderful compared to the other Kratom?

The tropical climate has plentiful moisture as the trees from this batch were grown near a river for constant source of water, year around, including the dry season.  This makes for a mineral-laden soil, leftover from the volcanic eruptions which help to create the perfect environment for these beautiful trees. In this environment, the leaf thrives in the acidic soil, which encourages high concentrations of the alkaloid compounds mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, creating potent leaves that are sought by everyone.  At the same time, the water table is low, even though the water seeps through the soil very quickly, and this is because of the river!  Normally, the rain would dry up very quickly and the trees wouldn’t get much water, but that’s not the case with our new Cambodian.  The moisture content year around combined with the acidic soil, which is saturated with minerals, has produced a very high quality and RARE treat for us!

This extremely rare strain has a different feel, being extremely energetic and focused, not for those who experience a lot of anxiety.  We’ve been using the tiny quantities that we’ve been able to obtain the past year, in our popular Enhanced White Cambodian.  We sell more of that enhanced than any other strain, and I believe it’s because of the novel profile of this leaf.  This strain has a mood lifting effect and is aimed at people who have depression, require energy, and who have physical DISCOMFORT.  THAT’S RIGHT, WE FINALLY HAVE A WHITE THAT WORKS FOR PHYSICAL DISCOMFORT (to some degree!)  White strains are notoriously bad for this, but this one strain in particular, is unique!  It works unlike any other leaf I’ve tried!  It is perfect for those who need all the benefits of Kratom.

Batches have been sent out, and all have come back with raving good news, so delve in before it’s gone.  If you don’t like it, we’ll refund you or swap it out for another product, free of charge!

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