VERY RARE – NEW – Green Horned Malaysian – SOLD OUT


Real, authentic, Green Horned Malaysian.  Imported from Malaysia.  The vendor is a reputable vendor that several other domestic vendors use.  None of the domestic vendors that I know (I know a lot of them), carry this particular strain.  I’m the only one currently selling the Green Horned Leaf that actually comes from Malaysia (that I know of).  Do you know how difficult and expensive it is to get REAL Malaysian?  First off, I have to pay almost 50% more for it.  Another thing, it’s illegal in Malaysia, so it has to be sent to Indonesia first (which costs a lot), and only then can I have it shipped here.  How else would a vendor such as myself import it?  They can’t file the legal documents to ship the stuff, because that would wind them up in jail!  You see?  A lot of the “Malaysian” out there, is fake.  Only 5% of the market truly comes from other countries, other than Indonesia.  This stuff I have here, is VERY difficult to obtain, and profoundly rare.  Prepare yourself, there are several unusual different species, and strains, and wickedly old tress there and I’m sourcing them all, soon to come!  I know this one is pricey, and I can’t say it’s necessarily better, but I can say it was harvested for me, and I got pictures everyday of the process.  I literally watched it all happened, by the day.  They picked it just for me.  I can even show you pictures of the leaves you are getting!  I don’t have pictures of the powder yet.

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