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Described as being moderately uplifting to mood and stimulation, like a good cup of coffee, on a scale of one to ten, averages around a five to a seven.  This euphoric strain, is available only in limited quantity as well, and is reported to have a beautiful color, denoting an excellent cure.  In Indonesia, it’s still the rainy season, but in Malaysia, it is not, therefore, the Kratom is easily dried, while the other Kratom (with the exception of Thai) is difficult to dry for a couple more weeks, and thus, Kratom nationwide has a much higher probability of lower quality.  That’s just how it works, and since 95% of Kratom comes from Indonesia…

It’s mill is fine, slightly coarse, but still adequate enough to describe it as “fine mill” like the rest of our Kratom powder.  This product has been tested by several customers before it’s launch, and has been approved unanimously.  It has been described as rich, dynamic with long legs and less harsh, meaning it has a less bitter aroma than most Kratom.  While bitterness can oftentimes denote good quality, that is not always the case.

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