Capsules New Guinea Green Horn Maeng Da – Novel Strain – Exclusive to PDO ONLY.




Size: -00- Double Ought (500 mg – that is half a gram).

Energy: 8

Mood: 10

Pain Relief: 7

Stimulation: 7

Sedation: 4

Anxiety Relief: 5

This is true Maeng Da from an under harvested region.

This variety is altered and displays it’s signature leaves, which are horned and Green.  In terms of age, the leaf is middle aged, which equates to middle of the spectrum, yielding a higher alkaloid content while also providing benefits that other Greens may have difficulty providing.  What most people don’t know, is that Horned Leaf is just an older leaf.  This product here meets the American notion of “Maeng Da” because of it’s horned leaves, and because the stem and vein have been removed from the product, ensuring a higher alkaloid content, this is still, generally what people tend to favor none-the-less.  Come and try a timeless classic of Pharmacy Dropout LLC, a strain that made us famous.

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