Red Cambodian Maeng Da – New Description


This product meets the American notion of “MD” because it displays its very old leaves, and because the stem and vein has been removed from the product, ensuring a higher alkaloid content, although the spectrum is less full, this is generally what people tend to favor none-the-less.  It’s origin is from Cambodia and this is a very popular product.  It is wild harvested, we don’t know much more about it.  This product is akin to our Red Horn.

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This is the standard Cambodian that you’ve been getting, we’ve just changed the title so people can see that it’s a red vein.  This product is very rare, hailing from Cambodian Forests.  Not many other companies have access to this strain.  We’re one of the few.  Please, try this rare red on a bad day, and help lift your spirits, and ease those frazzled nerves.

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