Formerly Known as Crystalline 49% – 50X Full Spectrum Extract, Water Soluble – Alkaloid (Best Batch Ever – New Consistency – Contains 99% Pure Kratom Alkaloids)


This is one of the most potent Kratom extract on the US market.  We have done away with the crystals and concentrated the extract into a PURE 99% extract and sprinkled it into Kratom.  This product used to be called 49% Crystalline Kratom Extract.  It is the same product, but better and produced in a cGMP compliant laboratory.  It is now water soluble.  It will look like Kratom, but it is not, it has pure Kratom alkaloid in it.  There aren’t many extract of this quality and affordability.

The capsules weigh no less than .75 (3/4th) gram.  They are -000- (triple ought).

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