Red Malaysian Maeng Da (Not Available)


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Described as being extremely enhancing to mood, without the over stimulation of whites and greens, this strains aroma is characterized better as having a strongly pronounced sense of relaxation, it’s aroma is unique and on a scale of one to ten for a relaxing aroma, averages around a ten.  As with all the Malaysian products, due to the season right now, it’s alkaloid content is high.  This euphoric slow strain, is available only in limited quantity as well, and is reported to have a beautiful color, denoting an excellent cure.  It’s one of our top two most relaxing strains in our companies history.

It’s mill is fine, slightly coarse, but still adequate enough to describe it as “fine mill” like the rest of our Kratom powder.  This product has been tested by several customers before it’s launch, and has been approved unanimously (like the other two).  It has been described as rich, earthy, relaxing and warm.

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